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      J PRICE (of BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001

 tennis balls,promotional, corporate branded
  Tennis balls for  Promotional  ball prizes and Incentives
Available in many  or two colour.
Custom printed tennis balls used for  promotional tennis balls or perhaps just custom tennis balls.
Corporate branding
Promotional branding
Tennis balls for Incentives
Tennis balls for
company promotions
The only ball maker  in the Western World. making Tennis balls,
Squash balls and other balls since 1936,  
All other balls are imported and  made down to a price .Not what we do,
concentrating on  Quality, Top end  and personalized
balls for all  purposes.
 Squash   balls, mini squash balls,
mini tennis  balls

Balls for the Sports Associations,
Tennis, Squash,  Racketball and Fives.
 larger Magnum tennis ball for the ITF,  now  World Standard ball.
  PRICE Red 75mm for the LTA for Mini tennis.a World standard
Official Mini Squash’.and Racketball  balls.
   Making Quality Tennis balls  in  WHITE, PINK,  GREEN,
Yellow,(of course) and two colours, and custom printed and personalising them
for individuals ,companies  as promotional  merchandise.
Balls for introducing  juniors into  tennis  started out  65mm dia,
then at 70mm  for a while, and after comprehensive development
the LTA developed and  preferred size became  
                   the  PRICE Red75 Mini Tennis ball
  Made in the UK.

YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, PINK,    promotional tennis balls customized for promotional merchandise
Two colour tennis balls available in: YELLOW/WHITE, YELLOW/BLACK, YELLOW/BLUE, YELLOW/GREEN, WHITE/BLACK, WHITE/BLUE, WHITE/GREEN, WHITE/ORANGE, RED/WHITE, and other combination of colours
We  can post, mail, and ship to anywhere in the world
Tennis ball printing
Tennis ball branding
Not only the only ball producer but we are: tennis ball stockist's, ball suppliers in the UK, UK suppliers of tennis  ball suppliers, making and supplying, tennis balls in  tubed tennis balls, high quality balls for  promotion items. Small tennis ball keyrings,

No need to ask where can I get quality good value tennis balls,

                  this is the site for all ball needs.

Also providing: tennis ball  branding on tennis  quality balls in  and other colours.


England’s and Europe’s ONLY Ball maker

Tennis balls,  personalized tennis balls for promotions

And as tennis ball gifts. Custom tennis balls and custom design tennis balls  for promotional companies . In stock, printing  started within 24 hours

From 50 balls upwards.
Can be loose or in tubes
Tubes can be labelled
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Fax  01225 743237
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