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Putting improver balls
A poor putt and boy oh boy, do these  emphasise it  !
     Who would like to try       
  The original, English size, golf balls?
All golf balls in Europe were English size.

We still have the tooling and want to know if people would like to try using the original size ball which at 1.62” in diameter,with less air resistance, went further.
Years ago it was  pushed out by the larger American size ball,that at 1.68” was said to stand up higher in the grass. Do you believe that?.The minute difference 0.76 of a millimetre radius,enough to make any difference in supporting it on the grass?  Pure marketing nonsense.

The truth of the matter is, market forces ruled the day. America
was a vast market and their top players did not like coming over here and playing with the English ball  because  it was felt they
were at a disadvantage. Purely psychological but  bull s..t baffles brains
....Must do!.Nothing to do with balls, well perhaps !
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