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      J PRICE (of BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001

Play & Stay is the  ITF adaptation of Mini Tennis
 which the  Lawn Tennis Association brought into
being with the help of Price of Bath.

16 years ago  when the LTA  started mini tennis
all the ball brands were called to a presentation
by the Lawn Tennis Association at Queens Club
We were told
a bigger,  slower ball was required
 to start children as early as possible into tennis
                 All other brands showed no interest
Price being the  only one prepared to invest time
and money in the ball development when asked by
the now frustrated LTA.
Balls developed by Derek Price were supplied to the LTA,. After a year of testing. modifying and retesting  they finally decided they had the  perfect ball !. It was the  PRICE RED 75 and patented.
Without a licence, any other ‘red zone’ balls on the market is poor imitations
PRICE is the ball maker  in the UK and Europe.
Tennis  balls and other balls since 1936,  
All other balls imported ,made down to  price .
That is not us, we  concentrate on Quality, Specials, only top end products.

Developing  balls for the Sports Associations, for Tennis, Squash, Racketball and Fives brought :
The larger Magnum type 3 tennis ball  for the ITF,  became a World Standard
The larger lighter Red 75mm mini tennis ball for the LTA. became a world standard
Official balls for The England Squash & Racketball Assoc  for ‘Mini Squash’.and Racketball .
Making Tennis balls  in  WHITE, PINK,  GREEN, ,Yellow,(of course)
 And many other colours,  for individuals and companies.
Tennis ball facts:
1. Balls were  bigger,  
2. Are much harder now
3. Tennis  has declined approximately 35%  during the past 25 years.
Balls for introducing  juniors into  tennis  were originally
65mm diameter, then 70mm  appeared for a while but  after
comprehensive development by J Price, trials and testing
by the Lawn Tennis Association,  the final developed ball
size became the
                                                PRICE Red75
Although patented by us,  under pressure from other ball companies
the  ITF later changed the acceptable ball spec by 1mm  which meant
our patent ceased to offer sufficient protection . The patent is now being
infringed world wide and the market  flooded with low cost imitations
from the far east. It is difficult to fight the world. Fortunately  we have
completed development of a new ball that is  suited for a wider range
of players . Hopefully this new patent will be water tight  !.
For Teaching tennis to young  beginners
Not only the only ball producer but we are: ball stockists,ball suppliers in the UK, UK suppliers of tennis  and  balls in bulk and tubes, high quality balls for personalising,tennis promotion balls.    Small tennis ball keyrings,
red  play & stay ball,MINI TENNIS

Play & Stay Balls

By England’s and Europe’s  Ball maker

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