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 J PRICE (BATH) LTD established 1936

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Fundation mini squash balls,official, made by J Price
The only ball maker  in the UK and Europe.
Tennis  balls and other balls since 1936,  
All others are imported ,made down to a price. Not what we do,
 Concentrating on  Quality, specials, top end products, personalized balls for all.


 Tennis, Squash,  Racketball and Fives.Ball development for the Sports Associations,
The larger Magnum type 3 tennis ball initially for the ITF,  became a World Standard.
Another World standard..the larger lighter Red 75mm mini tennis ball for the LTA.
The Official balls for The England Squash & Racketball Assoc Mini Squash and Racketball
 Making Tennis balls  in  WHITE,  PINK,  GREEN, Yellow,(of course) two colours, and  many other colours,  personalising  them for individuals and companies.              
Improver mini squash balls,official,made by J Price
Pro mini squash balls,official,made by J Price

Mini Squash Balls   designed and developed   

           by  J Price for the Association



From  England’s and Europe’s ONLY Ball maker

  Fundation Starter
   mini squash balls
Improver mini Squash balls
3 ball pack £7.50
6 balls(2 packs) £14.50
9 balls(3 packs) £21.00
12 balls(4 packs)£26.00
1 x 3 ball pack £7.50
2 x 3 ball packs £14.50
3 x 3 ball packs £21.00
4 x 3 ball packs £26.0
        Mini squash PRO
1 x 3 ball pack £7.50
2 x 3 ball packs £14.50
3 x 3 ball packs £21.00
4 x 3 ball packs £26.00
      Take advantage of Trade and Club discounts
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mini squash balls,made by J Price
A bigger soft Red & yellow ball is designed  for starting young children off in Squash. When confident, they progress to the Orange & yellow ball,
Then to the Green & yellow ball and finally, to regular squash balls.
Short cuts direct to all products
             Mini squash .....What is mini squash?
         It is for encouraging children to have fun on a squash court.AND
                                  Play at home or at school

It came into being because squash went out of fashion, so much so that squash courts were being sold  and used for other purposes.
The  Squash Association itself losing  considerable income and in danger of collapse.
Fortunately funds were  being given by the Sports Council  to various sports for the task of  increasing the numbers taking up Sport.

Faced with this task the  Squash Association decided to copy the LTA’s new scheme  of ‘minitennis,(balls developed by J Price) for encouraging  the very young to  take up  playing the game.... Before the age other activities  became more  attractive.
J Price was asked if they would develop  balls.  We said YES with the proviso that the balls had to be two colour  to make them  as attractive as possible to children. Overcoming all resistance to this condition  PRICE  decided to proceed and ‘minisquash’ came into being .
The  Squash Association testing balls under development for many months, requesting changes until they had the balls  that coaches said was needed
             The balls were approved and became the Official balls

Christened ‘Fundation’ for the beginner Red, ‘Improver’ for the Orange  next stage and ‘Pro’ for the Green stage. When players then moved onto a regular squash balls.

Distribution was arranged via Ransomes Sports. This continued for several years
They still do distribute but we also  sell direct to consumers
The balls being soft are also highly suitable for children to just play with and have fun