tennis balls,  personalised tennis balls for presents,gifts
Tennis balls personalized for presents
white Tennis balls personalized for presents
Pink tennis balls, personalised
OrangeTennis balls  for a present
blue tennis balls,personalised
Tennis Balls branded,printed,with company names

Taken when tennis was Tennis, before it’s decline........

              Who do you recognise?. AND... what colour balls were in use?


List them and win a prize and up to 20% off your next ball purchase.

Which can be for Regular balls White or Yellow, Mini tennis Red,

Orange or Green, Personalised,  colour or mixed colours.

Squash balls or Official blue or black balls for racket ball.


Email the list, and your telephone number and get your prize with your order


How many do you recognise  ?

       All played  at Wimbledon AND
            Used WHITE tennis balls
                     How many  did you name?
Picture of many Wimbledon players
WHITE  tennis  balls made by Price of Bath

  Traditional White Tennis Balls

         by Price of Bath

Union Jack
Union Jack