tennis balls,  personalised tennis balls for presents,gifts
Tennis balls personalized for presents
white Tennis balls personalized for presents
Pink tennis balls, personalised
OrangeTennis balls  for a present
blue tennis balls,personalised
Tennis Balls branded,printed,with company names
Tennis balls for clay and slow courts.
£5.(RRP £8)
Long life, Best Value tennis balls for the discerning.
Union Jack

                    The ONLY ball maker  in the UK ,Europe, USA.


                       Tennis   balls and other balls since 1936

           Balls for the Sports Associations,  


                                   Squash,mini squash,


                                   The Fives Assoc.  


                                  TENNIS BALLS in


       PINK , BLACK  and  other colours.  


              Personalising them for individuals

                   and companies of all kinds.


                 Tennis ball facts:

   Balls for introducing the very young into  tennis

 started out  at 65mm diameter,then a ball at 70mm

  came along.

       But after comprehensive development by us, for

the Lawn Tennis Association,

         the settled size and colour became the

                                         RED  75 (patented by us)         the Price