tennis balls,  personalised tennis balls for presents,gifts
Tennis balls personalized for presents
white Tennis balls personalized for presents
Pink tennis balls, personalised
OrangeTennis balls  for a present
blue tennis balls,personalised
Tennis Balls branded,printed,with company names
4.5” & 5”

From the producer of Skittle balls,

Fives  Squash balls,

Mini Tennis  balls,

Squash  balls and

Fronton balls


Skittle Balls


England’s  and Europe’s  Only Ball maker

Tel 01225 742141,


Rubber Skittle  balls. There are 4.5” skittle balls and 5” skittle balls.

Skittle balls for regular  games are in pink but  balls can be made in other colours for other purposes .

 Skittle ball pink rubber
Union Jack
Union Jack