We are in what is generally known as

                 The Rubber Industry.

                                 A description which covers a wide spectrum of products


    Bridge mounts, a vast array of rubber products for Industry, consumer products

      including balls of all kinds  Rubber is also used for many medical purposes.


  There are many descriptions for rubber companies:

         Rubber  processors, rubber moulders, rubber  component companies, rubber product producers, a rubber  moulders. rubber mills and many other specialised  names.


                Rubber products come in all shapes and guises.

          Rubber bellows,  single convolution up to  long convoluted  lengths.

          Rubber plugs, rubber bungs and rubber bushes, often standard items.


For vehicles:

       J Price produce rubber spares for Land  Rover and other  classic and vintage vehicles. Vibration mounts, Clutch, Brake and Accelerator pedal pads, mats for car and truck interiors. Diesel engine seals of all kinds. Under the bonnet rubber items etc.


          Older car parts are rubber bonnet fasteners, bonnet stops, mud flaps, washers gaskets and bellows for Riley Leyland,Triumph and others. A number of the old car, truck and lorry manufacturers parts are still available .

There are also gear lever bellow seals, cable seals, bulkhead    rest rubbers, rubber seals for many areas of vehicles, plate rubbers,buffers,grommets for trucks and lorries.


            We can help  to produce obsolete rubber parts, design, develop and produce new parts.


     If we do not already make it we usually can. Small or large quantities .


Manufacturing rubber components from a few grams up to 50kilos

Small enough for rapid  enough to meet most requirements

                                               Established 87 years