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Union Jack
Brabazon aeroplane with Price rubber components
Fitted with Price rubber items
Inshore minesweepers fitted with Price engine mounts
Submarine clad with P[rice manufactured tiles
Daring class destroyer fitted with Price engine mounts
Over 200- minesweepers
Daring Class  Ships


      J PRICE (of BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001
All had engine rubber mounts
and rubber  made by  J Price

  Making rubber parts for 80 years,

   we have a wealth of knowledge to

   help solve your supply needs.

   Contact us on 01225 742141


     Rubber and Rubber to metal bonding

            we develop and make rubber products for many types of  customers.

  Some history....World War 2...tyres, rubber components for tanks and trucks

      1947 - 1955  worked with the Admiralty on the development,  then production,

       of ships engine rubber mounts, generator and compressor mounts for

            Inshore minesweepers (over 200 ships) ,

             DARING class destroyers and other ships. Plus other major marine products.

      These  Price ‘P’and ‘PD’mounts, now NATO parts, are still sold today to shipyards,

          repairers and   operators around  the world.

       The 1950s saw us making rubber parts for the Brabazon aeroplane and  large

          Inflatable aircraft lifting  bags,used when a plane’s undercarriage had collapsed

      In the 1980s   we were the original maker and approved supplier of acoustic

          & anechoic cladding  tiles  for submarines and ships.


     A  main Original Equipment Manufacturer to the car industry and engine builders

        for over 50 years. However,most of the large volume business has been lost

      to large rubber companies or cheap imports.

           Our  80 years experience and size means we are well suited

               for the smaller niche businesses and markets.


   We  produce relatively low volume items, including replacement rubber  parts,

   for cars, trucks, Buses, Coaches, Trailers and Rubber Mouldings  for many industries

Part of company history. In 1939 ball production ceased,war work producing tyres and rubber items took over. 1947 saw Price with the Admiralty (MOD) developing anti vibration units for ships engines,compressors,generators. Still made today and used around the world

Manufacturing rubber components 80 years for small and large companies                                                 



Looking for a   factory to make a component in rubber? We are one of the few  rubber companies left in the west  of England.