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Union Jack
Brabazon aeroplane with Price rubber components
Fitted with Price rubber items
Inshore minesweepers fitted with Price engine mounts
Submarine clad with P[rice manufactured tiles
Daring class destroyer fitted with Price engine mounts
Over 200- minesweepers
Daring Class  Ships


      J PRICE (of BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001
All had engine mounts or rubber  components made by  J Price

 hand grips,rubber,made by J Price
We make or have made rubber plugs,rubber stops,rubber bushes,
rubber pads,rubber bellows,rubber gaskets,and rubber mounts,
rubber engine mounts,rubber components,custom shapes in rubber,
rubber seals,large machine seals,rubber hoses,large rubber gaskets,
rubber moulding in all rubbers and colours,rubber stops,
rubber supports,rubber straps,rubber fasteners,
rubber drive wheels for machines,Rubber distributors
Rubber spares for equipment,replacement rubber items
for equipment,rubber metal composite mounts,rubber bonding,
bonded rubber to metal mouldings,rubber balls for all purposes,
floating rubber balls,rubber balls for valves,bellows in rubber,
stops in rubber,Rubber distributors
Rubber distributors and make, mould, fabricate and
Convert. Stocking rubber balls,hollow rubber balls,rubber bellows,rubber gaskets,
rubber seals,rubber rings,
Rubber anti vibration units,rubber shock units,
Rubber stops,rubber tubes,rubber plugs,
Rubber engine mountings,
Rubber,compressor mountings,
rubber moldings, rubber scupper lips for ships,
Rubber scupper lips for boats,
Naval & Army rubber spares,
Rubber parts, rubber items,
Rubber distributors and
 rubber grips,hammer,made by J Price
Makers of rubber items in many rubber compounds,rubber part makers,rubber shape makers,producers of rubber items,rubber factory,suppliers of rubber bits,suppliers of rubber parts, uk rubber factory,makers of rubber parts.,and Rubber distributors
 hand grips,shaped,rubber
We make Rubber bellows, convoluted bellows,rubber blocks, moulded hoses, rubber gaskets,convoluted rubber hose,convoluted rubber connections. Rubber supports,hand grips,rubber finger hand grips and many other rubber components
rubber handgrip,flanged
Rubber  hand grip

Rubber hand grips

Rubber distributors holding

Stocks of rubber grips

Small and large volumes

.competitive pricing

Custom  moulding of:

Vehicle rubber parts, MOD rubber parts,Nato rubber items,

replacement rubber parts, buffers, rubber seals, rubber items.

Also Bellows, bellows, rubber rings, gaskets, rubber shrouds,

rubber soles, rubber strip, rubber supports.

Technical rubber items of all kinds, technical rubber components,

technical rubber moulding, technical rubber Products.


Rubber soles, rubber mounts, rubber blocks,

 rubber heels, rubber isolators, rubber items for

Horses, rubber mats, rubber matting.

rubber moulding,rubber packing, rubber rollers,

rubber ferrules,


Rubber gaiters, rubber gaskets, shock mounts,

rubber tubes, producing rubber items to customers designs.

Rubber products, rubber mouldings, rubber moldings,


HELP IN DESIGN, development of rubber products.


Rubber hand grips

rubber hand grips
  hammer  grips,rubber
Rubber grip makers,
Handle grip suppliers
Handle grip producers

Manufacturer of Rubber products,rubber converters

We have been rubber moulding and producing  rubber products for over three quarters of a century. Small and large volumes

Producer of standard and custom rubber items for industry.  

Looking for a  rubber factory to make something in rubber? We are one of the few  rubber companies left in the west  of England.


Manufacturing rubber components from a few grams up to 50kilos

Small enough for rapid response,big enough to meet most requirements

                                               Established 80 years


                The rubber factory

Moulding products to customers designs

A bit of company history. 1939 ball production ceased and war work producing tyres and rubber items took over. 1947 saw J Price with the Admiralty(MOD) developing anti vibration units for ships engines,generators and compressors. Still made today and used around the world.
74p ea
Tel 01225 742141 for trade discounts
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98p ea