Putting improver balls
How to improve your Putting FAST.
A not perfect putt and these
  Certainly  highlight it  !
SO....Who would like to try       
    The original golf ball, the
    English size, golf ball?    
     If you didn’t know, all golf balls in Europe used to be English size.
        Smaller than the American size that is now the standard.

   We still have production tooling and want to know if people would
     like to try the original size balls which at 1.62(41mm) in diameter, with less air resistance, went further.

     Years ago it was  pushed out of golf by the larger American size
    ball,which at 1.68”(42.6mm) diameter was said to stand up
   higher in the grass. Do you believe that?.
 The tiny difference  of  0.020 (0.5mm) of an inch in radius is enough to make any difference in supporting it higher on the grass?
                 It sounds like pure marketing nonsense.

      The truth of the matter is, market forces ruled the day.
America is a vast market and their top players did not like coming  
   over here and playing with the English ball,  because subconsciously they thought the slightly smaller ball put them at a disadvantage.
£9.97 a set
       English sized golf balls
Putting improvers
 We developed and made golf balls for a good number of  years
 but lost all our distribution over a period of time to Far East producers
 so stopped production over 20 years ago.
           Just finished building a new factory  and thought
           Could attract present day players.
email me.... derek@jpricebath.co.uk  
If of interest
Enough interest and I will produce a batch and supply
samples, possibly free
Union Jack
Union Jack