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Brabazon aeroplane with Price rubber components
Fitted with Price rubber items
Inshore minesweepers fitted with Price engine mounts
Submarine clad with P[rice manufactured tiles
Daring class destroyer fitted with Price engine mounts
Over 200- minesweepers
Daring Class  Ships


      J PRICE (of BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001
All had engine rubber mounts
and rubber  made by  J Price

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Absolutely Unique
Delivery 3 -8 days
 tennis balls personalised
WHITE TENNIS BALLS balls personalised
blue tennis balls personalised
personalised  tennis balls,yellow
yellow tennis balls  personalised
orange tennis balls personalized
Pink tennis balls personalised
green tennis balls pesonalized
A superb present.
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2-tubes of 4 balls £28.97 ($43.46)
3-tubes of 4 balls £33.32 ($49.98)
1- tube of 4 balls £18.96 ($28.44)
1-  3 ball tube  £13.78 ( $20)
2-  3 ball tubes £23.23( $35 )
3-  3 ball tubes £28.98 ($43.47)
 personalised tennis balls

TENNIS BALLS for presents,

 and birthdays, and prizes, and promotions

Personalized tennis balls in
 pink, blue, orange,

Developed  balls for Sports Associations. Tennis, Squash, Handball, Racketball and Fives.
The  Magnum tennis ball  for the ITF,  became a World Standard.
The  Red 75mm mini tennis ball for the a world standard
Official balls for The England Squash & Racketball Assoc  for ‘Mini Squash’.and Racketball .
Tennis balls of many colours, White tennis balls, PINK TENNIS BALLS, Blue tennis balls,
Black tennis balls, ORANGE tennis balls, GREEN tennis balls, two colour balls,
   Personalising/personalizing balls for individuals and companies.  
 Where can I get value tennis balls?,  No need to ask , this is the site!.

Providing: tennis ball  branding  of high quality balls in
 and other colours.  Balls for tennis gifts,
Gifts UK, Personalized balls, UK presents

Tennis Balls for gifts

The ball maker,  in the UK Tennis  and other balls since 1936.

Other balls  are imported and made down to a price (despite their advertising hype)  We concentrate on Quality,

Top end products, personalized and customized  balls for all.


Quality Match Balls  made by

England’s  ONLY Ball maker

J PRICE. The best tennis balls.

Pink tennis balls personalised

Buying a present for a tennis player is often a headache but personalised balls

make  special unique presents.

A present for a tennis player ?,what better than a set of personalized balls?.

Customised balls are super presents for a tennis player, or even a tennis learner.


Customized Tennis Balls in Yellow, White, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Green, Black

And two colours