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      J PRICE (of BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001

The most cost effective balls available,!        Super tough ,Extremely long life
                                        TWO  to THREE  seasons  use.
Mini red tennis balls or
Mini tennis red balls?
Personalising for  coach and pupils
Mini red tennis ball, Mini tennis red  balles
and tenis balle are keywords for people looking for balls for mini tennis.
Tenis  balle,
Orange mini
tennis balls

There are all sorts!,... plus umpteen varieties of

     Sponge, foam,'OVER SIZED'.?  ‘BIG’, ?  ‘70’?, ‘xxxx75’ ?

   Or..should you buy the super durable....long  established ,       

                    Patented   PRICE Red 75

                 Developed for the LTA 17 YEARS Ago                  

   Our honest advice, Use the patented  PRICE Red 75.           

        Without a licence from us all others are poor  imitations.


 Balls for MiniTennis,....Junior tennis.....Short tennis .....Startup ,....Compact     tennis.......Play &Stay.     The name  changes over the years !   

                           What to buy????

                              (More advice at bottom of page)


Rring Louise
ON 01225 742141
For Trade prices
Green mini
Tennis balls
RED  minitennis balls,the Red 75 made by J Price

Waterproof, Super durable

Short cuts direct to all products


Balls for mini tennis. They start with a red mini tennis ball, then

            progress to an orange mini tennis ball and then to a green mini tennis ball



FREE PRINTING.. Why not promote yourself, the club, the company,

       by having minitennis balls personalised with your name  or message.

                                          Tel 01225 742141 or  Louise


   What kind of ball to buy to start a child off in tennis?

For the very young and young children a  lighter, slower ball, is recommended and used so they have the fun as well as learning to hit the ball. The RED 75 was designed and developed for the LTA for just this purpose.


As they progress they change to a smaller ball,softer and  lighter than a regular ball and with a slow bounce, so they continue to gain confidence and enjoy the learning. The Price mini orange was also developed for this.


With increasing skill, confidence and strength, the next move is to an intermediate ball, which is the same size and weight as a regular tennis ball, but softer and slower and a little lower in bounce.The PRICE  mini green was designed for this. As they continue to develop skill and strength there comes a point when it is time for the move to  regular balls. Of course children learn at different speeds.

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Orange mini tennis ball
£1.24 - £1.75 depending on quantity
Red mini tennis ball,super durable
Green Mini tennis ball made by Price of Bath
1 @   £1.85
3  “  £1.76ea
6  “   £1.64ea
12 “  £1.50ea
24 “  £1.38ea
60 “  £1.37ea
120” £1.34ea
1 @   £1.75
3  “  £1.66ea
6  “   £1.54ea
12 “  £1.40ea
24 “  £1.28ea
60 “  £1.27ea
120” £1.24ea
   From £1.34 - £1.85
1  @ £1.75
3   ”  £3.99
6   “  £8.98
12  ” £12.98
24  ” £24.98
36  ” £35.99
108” £106.99
216” £199.92
1  @ £1.75
3   ”  £3.99
6   “  £8.98
12  ” £12.98
24  ” £24.98
36  ” £35.99
108” £106.99
216” £199.92