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Brabazon aeroplane with Price rubber components
Fitted with Price rubber items
Inshore minesweepers fitted with Price engine mounts
Submarine clad with P[rice manufactured tiles
Daring class destroyer fitted with Price engine mounts
Over 200- minesweepers
Daring Class  Ships


      J PRICE (of BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001
All had engine mounts or rubber  components made by  J Price

Orange Mini tennis ball,  ORANGE 65
The most cost effective balls available,!  Extremely tough , Super long life
     Up to  TWO /THREE  seasons  use.
RED  minitennis balls,the Red 75 made by J Price
Green Mini tennis ball, green 65

NO NEED TO ASK  where can I get tennis balls,mini tennis balls, or balls for racketball.
 BUY DIRECT  if you cannot  find a local stockist.
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          Balls  starting  the  young into  tennis  started out  65mm diameter.
Then 70mm appeared for a while, BUT after comprehensive development
by J Price, the Lawn Tennis Association  chosen ball   became the
            PRICE Red75  mini tennis ball
Mini red tennis balls or
Mini tennis red balls?
Personalising for  coach and pupils
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Britain’s only ball producer, tennis ball stockists and suppliers to
distributors  in the UK.
 Making and supplying tennis balls in bulk,
loose or in  tubes.
Orange mini
tennis balls


 sponge ball for mini tennis

  Ball personalising, is free  12 balls and over                     

      80mm Mini tennis red

  Tougher than all other

    Foam/sponge balls

Kids cannot pick pieces out of these!

PRICES from  £9 .50 dozen

Depending on quantity

There are all sorts!,... plus umpteen varieties of

     Sponge, foam,’OVERSIZED’.?  ‘BIG’, ?  ‘70’?, ‘xxxx75’ ?

   Or..should you buy the super durable....long  established ,       

               Patented   PRICE Red 75 ?

     Developed for the LTA 15YEARS Ago                  

         Our honest advice, Use the PRICE Red 75.             

        Without a licence from us all others are poor  imitations.


6 balls...£8.94..... (£1.49a)


12 balls.£12.36. (£1.03ea)



108 balls..£106.92 (£0.99ea)

30 balls.£30.30.(.£1.01ea)


216 balls.£213.84.(£0.99ea)


12 balls  .£15.48 (1.29ea)

30 balls  . £38.40(£1.28ea)

 60 balls....£76.20(£1.27ea)

120 balls....£149.80 (£1.25 ea)

Red mini tennis ball,super durable

30 balls  £49.50 (£1.65ea)

12 balls £19.92dz(£1.66ea)

60 balls £99.40  (£1.64ea)

120 balls £194.40 (£1.62ea)


Waterproof, Super durable

Extra durable

6 balls...£8.94..... (£1.49a)


12 balls.£12.36. (£1.03ea)



30 balls.£30.30.(.£1.01ea)


108 balls..£106.92 (£0.99ea)

216 balls.£213.84.(£0.99ea)

Balls for MiniTennis, What to buy????


6 balls  £9.25
Rring Louise
ON 01225 742141
For Trade prices
Green mini
Tennis balls
DESIGNED & DEVELOPED FOR THE LTA, the RED mini tennis ball.
Orange mini tennis balls,Green mini tennis
Balls,The ENGLISH balls for mini tennis,the mini tennis Red the mini tennis orange and
Mini tennis Green balls

 FREE.... Monagramming ,personalising,branding,ball printing

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