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Brabazon aeroplane with Price rubber components
Fitted with Price rubber items
Inshore minesweepers fitted with Price engine mounts
Submarine clad with P[rice manufactured tiles
Daring class destroyer fitted with Price engine mounts


 J PRICE (BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001

Rubber manufacturer

Contact for Advice and  development. Help for new and existing rubber items


Rubber moulding to customers designs

        rubber moldings for industry


Specialists of Rubber to metal bonding in composite items

Developing,Producing rubber items since the 1930's.

            There is a wealth of knowledge available

                to help  solve your supply needs



and old Naval  store catalogues numbers

P4 ½ (Price)    0143 923 1682

P5D     (Price Double)   0413 923 1683

P7D    (Price Double) 0413  923 1684

P8¼D (Price  Double)  0143 923 1685

NS  0143 923 1682  P4 1/2

NSN  5340-99-537-5057    P8¼D accelerator/decel unit

NSN  5340 99 769 7909    P8¼D mount

NSN   5340 99 537 5055    P7D accelerator/decel unit

NSN  5340 99 537 5054     P7D mount

NSN  5340 99 537 5053     P5D Accelerator/decel

NSN  5340 99 537 5052     P5D mount



NSN  0413 923 5859   M  mount

NS  0413 923 5858    M  decelerating unit

accelerator washer units for all MOD mounts


Other manufacturing numbers for mounts,  mountings

shock washers, accelerator and decelerator  mounts are:

EJ00000132, EJ00000133,  EJ80113205, EJ80113105,

EJ80068105, 0002370712, 0002370812, U0100,

K7073, K1471, D3797, D8266, G926, G496, G464, G952

Vehicle rubber parts: rubber mouldings  
 OEM,  Replacement and Heritage

We are called many names...

rubber  product makers, rubber companies, also rubber moulders, rubber molders, rubber fabricators,

And manufacturers of rubber products and  rubber components,

Plus manufacturer of rubber items, rubber component makers and we are also rubber component makers.

rubber item manufacturers of rubber  producers,

A rubber factory, a rubber converter.



81 YEARS of Manufacturing rubber components from a few grams up to 50kilos

Small enough and rapid  enough to meet most requirements   Tel 01225 742141.


We produce anti vibration  rubber products,

Rubber to metal  MOD engine mounts,

M mounts and L mounts.

Custom moulding of Vehicle rubber parts


 General  rubber  rubber components and technical rubber moulding including rubber mounts and rubber blocks.

In addition we make rubber soles and   items for horses including rubber mats and rubber matting.

Many other activities relating to rubber such as rubber moulding rubber  rollers,

Rubber rubber hand grips.

Producing a multitude of rubber items to customers designs and requirements.

                                   MARINE PRODUCTS.

              NATO  and MOD   Anti vibration mountings,

       P  & PD  MOUNTS and  Shock  Washers,  M  engine mounts,

            Ruston,Paxman engine and generator mounts, spares

                Mine Sweeper engine and generator mounts,

We make, mould, mold, fabricate, ever since 1936.

 rubber balls,

rubber bellows, rubber gaskets, plus

rubber  rings, and anti vibration units,.

Also rubber shock   tubes. Rubber  rubber engine mountings.

Moulding  mountings,

rubber moldings and rubber scupper lips for ships.

Naval & Army rubber  parts,

    Supplying Government departments  since  

      beginning of  second world war


 NATO & Ministry of Defence  

Anti vibration mounts,

    P & PD anti vibration mounts:

 designed and developed by J PRICE

for the NAVY and  68 years later still  used

world wide.

  P4 ½   NS 0143 923 1682

 P5D mount,         NATO stock number         5340 99 537 5052

 P5D Accelerator/decel, NATO stock no       5340 99 537 5053

 P7D mount, NATO stock number                  5340 99 537 5054

 P7D accelerator/decel  stock no  5340 99 537 5055

 P8¼D mount, NATO stock number               5340 99 769 7909

 P8¼D mount, NATO stock number               5340 99 537 5056

 P8¼D accelerator/decel , NATO stock no    5340 99 537 5057  

   Naval  store catalogue numbers

  P4 ½ 0143 923    1682

  P5D     0413 923 1683

  P7D     0413 923 1684  

   P8¼D  0413 923 1685

   M  mount NATO Stock Number  0413 923 5859

  M mount  NATO Stock number 0413 5340 99 8247

    M  decelerating unit           NS  0413 923 5858



accelerator  and decelerator units for most MOD mounts


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