tennis balls,  personalised tennis balls for presents,gifts
Tennis balls personalized for presents
white Tennis balls personalized for presents
Pink tennis balls, personalised
OrangeTennis balls  for a present
blue tennis balls,personalised
Tennis Balls branded,printed,with company names


            Being the only ball manufacturer in the UK

 we get quantities of  factory reject low cost  balls of many types .


  Usually suitable for use in the intended game but also used for a    

                 other purposes by schools clubs and  companies.

  Off spec low cost balls,

Tennis balls, branded and unbranded, in white, yellow and

many other colours. Racketball balls, Squash balls,

Mini tennis balls,Mini squash balls. Irish handball Skittle balls


Contact Derek or Louise on 01225 742141 for quantities of the various types available and prices.


     Cheap tennis balls in bulk, very cheap tennis balls in bulk
Union Jack
Union Jack
Low cost balls can
be  personalised,  as required
Call Louise on 01225 742141 for great deals!
Union Jack