Bowl mat


               Bowls mats

  Available in a number of colours

Also used by schools and coaches

   for teaching tennis

         and other games


£1.35  Colour fast
£1.10  Standard colour
65p for black

RUBBER DISCS. Sold under many different names but we are the makers !.

We produce them as rubber spots, rubber dots, throw down spots, throw down  throw down spots, rubber throw down dots and floor markers,

Also Sequencing spots, spots markers, spot markers, rubber spot markers, flat disc markers and play ground markers,

Other names are Crown green footers,Crown green mats, disc spot  down spot markers, flat  rubber disc spot markers and  finally, throw down dots.

Used as throw down spots or throw down markers, these have been made for many years , Used for Crown green bowls,  for coaching tennis, in playgrounds as markers, spot markers also known as throw down disks.Made in several colours and can be made to order in different colours

Unlike plastic discs our rubber disks are soft, non slip. Made quite heavy so they stay where placed.
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