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Brabazon aeroplane with Price rubber components
Fitted with Price rubber items
Inshore minesweepers fitted with Price engine mounts
Submarine clad with P[rice manufactured tiles
Daring class destroyer fitted with Price engine mounts


 J PRICE (BATH) LTD established 1936
ISO 9001: 2001

Rubber manufacturer
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A bit of History. A Rubber Products Maker (which includes  TENNIS  AND SQUASH BALLS) before World War 2, when  ball making ceased. War work taking  over. 1947 saw J Price with the Admiralty,(MOD) developing antivibration units for ships, engines,compressors and generators. Still made and used today

Manufacturing rubber components 81 years for small and large companies                                                 



 Early 1900s, Founder, Joseph Price,starting working life as an engineer moved to the John Bull rubber  company in Leicester, on
development of rubber tyres,which were in their infancy.

Later moving to  Firestone’s tyre factory in the London area.

Meeting the owner of the Box factory, he was persuaded to
Come to Box in Wiltshire and run a small factory,
developing and making tyres,tennis balls,squash balls and rubber products
1939,war time....ball production ceased,switching to  making,rebuilding of tyres and rubber components for cars, armoured vehicles, tanks etc.

Registering J Price(Bath) in 1947,later absorbing
   the Box business that had ran into difficulties.
Derek, a son, joined the business in 1947,still
 developing balls and other rubber products.
Louise,one of Derek’s daughters joined the business 4
Years ago and is deeply involved in running the business.
Allowing Derek to ‘take time off?. To retire? Not likely to happen !.
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